MTC y Bitel llevan internet por primera vez al centro poblado Nueva Reforma

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MTC y Bitel llevan internet por primera vez al centro poblado Nueva Reforma



  • The inhabitants of the Loreto community will have telecommunications services with which they can access information, virtual education, telemedicine and entertainment .

  • The installation of this internet and telephone antenna will benefit at least 148 families.

Lima, June 9, 2023 - In order to reduce the digital divide in different rural and urban areas, Bitel visited the Loreto community to present its new antenna, which will provide internet and telephone access to more than 148 families from the Apanguracu and Nueva Reforma communities.

Since 2022 and so far this year, there has been an investment of US$ 40 million, with the aim of developing new digital skills through internet service installations to improve the communication channels of the population. The Minister of Transport and Communications, Paola Lazarte; congressmen; the Mayor of Alto Amazonas, Roy Saldaña, and the general director of Bitel, Pham Anh Dúc accompanied the launch.


“At Bitel we reaffirm our commitment to the Loreto community. With the inauguration of this project we managed to add around 4,451 antennas throughout the country. We are pleased to have had the opportunity to visit the city of Yurimaguas to emphasize our responsibility as a company in the telecommunications sector” , said Mr. Dúc, CEO of Bitel.




The operator will continue with its objective of bringing connection to all regions of the country to benefit the maximum number of Peruvians with high-quality internet. Since its arrival in the country, Bitel has already been investing more than US$20 million in this type of project, and estimates that by the end of 2023, 500 additional antennas can be installed.


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